Peek a View Ultrasound
Mobile Parties



* $60   VISUALIZATION - 5 weeks pregnant and up. 
(includes: heartbeat check, 2d unlimited pictures)


* $100  GENDER DETERMINATION - 14 weeks pregnant and up. (includes: 2d unlimited pictures, boy or girl balloon, return visit as needed)


* $125  3D/4D SESSION - 20 weeks pregnant and up. (includes: 30 minute scan, 4d dvd of live scan, 2d/3D unlimited pictures, gender check, one return visit as needed)


**All Mobile Services now available in Las Vegaqs     and Los Angeles**

* $299  PRIVATE HOME VIEWING - 5 weeks pregnant and up. 6 people or less. (Includes: 20 minute scan, unlimited pictures, live dvd of scan)



 *$475  Gender Reveal Mobile Parties: 13 to 20 weeks pregnant (only). Includes: 20 minute scan, live dvd of scan, unlimited 2d pictures, grab bags and more.


*$525  4D Mobile Parties:  20 to 38 weeks pregnant (only). Includes: 30 minute scan, 4d live dvd of scan, unlimited 2d/3d/ pictures, grab bags and more.

   * Heartbeat check with all scans

  * All 2d/3D pictures are digitally emailed

* ADD ONS:  Belly castings, heart beat buddies-$25 sml, $45 med, $60 large


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